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and stop sabotaging your success

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Have you ever felt like no matter what you've tried,

you just can't seem to figure it out?!

The books, the podcasts, the visualizing, the proper breathing techniques,

the meditating, the cold showers, the aromatherapy...

What could you possibly be missing? 


How do I escape the anxious feelings?


How do I stop feeling so overwhelmed?


How do I breakthrough & move forward?

It feels like the secret is being given to everyone but you!

At NeuroPivot, we believe no one should have to live in suffering and frustration

We believe that every single human being on the planet has the key to success right in their own possession, and we teach you how to unlock that cage and let yourself out.

Life is too short and too precious to spend it living in

chronic anxiety, stress, and overwhelm!

Let's get you back to the creativity, imagination, and possibility that are necessary for you to fulfill your life's purpose.

"I loved this book!

I finished it with the thought, "I'm ready to make change!!" Thank you, Andrea!"."

Leiann N


Andrea Stephens is an author, speaker, and behavioral pattern specialist who specializes in helping women find hope, clarity, and direction so they can live the life they truly desire to live without sacrificing their time, energy, and money in the process.

Through a series of events, Andrea fell in love with behavioral science and consumer psychology, and discovered that her life’s calling was to help women break through the generational belief systems and behavior patterns that are sabotaging them and keeping them stuck.

Since then, Andrea has published her first novel, Uncaged, founded NeuroPivot Transformational Programs, and started ReVision Retreat where she is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and teaching women how to move into their power and take control of their lives.  

What Andrea found after talking to hundreds of women is that many of them feel that life has let them down.  They feel caged and trapped by the circumstances around them, and they feel invisible.

Her mission is to transform the world, one mind at a time.

Our top priority at NeuroPivot is to allow you to feel seen and heard.  Your story is important, your experiences are important, and we believe there is no such thing as an ordinary person.  Each of us are extraordinary in our own unique, personal way.

A NeuroPivot coach pulls that extraordinary out of you and opens you up to the possibilities of what is available for you.

This is what having a neurotransformational coach is like:

  • It’s having your own personal champion

  • It’s having someone who is rooting for you and is 100% invested in your dreams, goals, and ambitions

  • It’s having someone in your back pocket that you can turn to when you are feeling off or uncertain

  • It’s having someone to vent to without judgment of what is being said

  • It’s having someone who is outside of your story and can offer you perspectives that you are unable to see yourself stuff

AND… you get the added value of

  • having more time

  • more presence

  • more experiences

  • better decisions

  • more compassion

  • more resilience

  • more gratitude

  • more courage

  • more discipline

  • more love

  • more understanding

  • feeling more alive

  • being healthier in your mind, body, and spirit

  • having someone believe in you when you often doubt yourself

THAT’S what you get when you work with our team at NeuroPivot.

And we have fun to boot!!!

Get ready for your mind to be opened in ways it's never been open before!!!!

Can I make a bold statement?!

THIS.  THIS is the secret you have been looking for.  THIS is the secret you feel like 'people' have been hiding from you.

Come on in and receive it.

Want freedom from what other people think of you?

Want to feel confident, fulfilled, and ALIVE?

Want to stop second guessing yourself and spinning out in fear?

Want to keep the momentum you have going so far in this new year?

I want that for you too!!!

Step 1

Click the link to schedule a connection call

Step 2

We'll chat about what it is that you would like to change in your life and discuss what it would look like to work together 1:1

Step 3

Message me if you have any questions

Life is too short to not wake up joyful!!!!!!


What our customers are saying

"This exceeded all of my expectations.  Above and beyond."

Mary R

"I never knew I had the ability to think this way. I think in possibility now, and its so much more relaxing."

Tracy A

"I cannot thank you enough.
Two years later, and I still am living the effects of what I learned while working with you. Thank you."

Stacy F









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